Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's A New Year

We've started.  I'm already exhausted.  We are having fun.  I always love the new kinders and their excitement at what I may do.  We started the year learning our primary colors.

Our new first graders are enjoying more time in the art room.  We started the year with my favorite dancing giraffes.  

My new second graders are on a trip around the United States through art.  We started with grizzly bears from Montana.  Aren't they cute.
My third through eighth graders are learning about Hiroshige.  We learned some chinese characters and attempted some origami.  I had to bring in a guest to teach us how to make paper cranes.  My 10 year old son, Nate.  He did a great job.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ending the Year

Kindergarten Fish

First Grade Pirates

 First Grade Crazy Birds

 Second Grade Bicycles

Third through Eighth Grade Andy Warhol Pop Art


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eye Can See You

We just finished our MC Escher study this week and wrapped it up with "Eyes".  They all did a fabulous job!  I did these with second through eighth grade and found the youngers did just as well as the olders!  Maybe better! *wink*

Maggie, Grade Five

Katerina, Grade Two

 Christian, Grade Four 

First grade did some yummy ice cream cones, to work on their cutting skills.

Before Escher, we did Marc Chagall and we did some "dreamy" drawings.  The students had to pick out a slip from three buckets that told them a location, an action and an animal.  With these words they had to draw a dreamy picture. 

squirrel, jumping, at the movies
woolly mammoth, singing, in New York City

an owl, sleeping, underwater

And back to MC Escher, the eighth graders had to make their own tessellations. It was harder than they thought it would be. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catching Up

We've been to school a big 11 days since my last post on November 29.  We've had snow, snow and more snow here in East Tennessee and we just don't handle snow real well.  Two inches can shut us down and it did!  So I'm going to show off some of the art we did manage to squeeze in.

 Second Grade Scarecrows

Renoir "Movement" Paintings
 Their paintings needed to be of dancers and show that they were moving. 

The kindergartners painted some Mayflowers.

 We enjoyed our lesson on Splatter Monsters.  They had to turn their blown paint splatters into some sort of person doing something.  They were very creative!

Not sure why they are sideways.

We did some really pretty poinsettia paintings. Too bad we never went back to school after they were done so they never made it home before Christmas!

 We've started the year off studying Marc Chagall and made some pretty crayon melted stain glass windows.