Monday, March 9, 2009


-had 23 names
-was born in Spain
-painted over 50,000 paintings in his lifetime
-spent four years painting in only blue (sadness)
-invented cubism
-was left-handed

The project was to replicate Picasso's chicken drawing.

The artists were given step-by-step instructions to follow. For added suspense I did not tell them what they were drawing- it was a surprise! I'm not sure if told what they were drawing would have helped them or not.

Step 1- Brown Marker

Step 2- Yellow Marker

Step 3- Blue Marker

Step 4- Red Marker- Green Marker
We also worked on "artist" signatures.

Here are some of the finished projects from each class.

1st Grader
2nd Grader
3rd Grader
4th Grader

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