Saturday, June 26, 2010

Creating For You

I am busy, busy, busy, creating art for you, all my wonderful students! 

I am making lots of messes in my dining room.

I am studying all about new artists.  (Check them out on the sidebar)

Kenzie is helping a lot. Or is she?

I am excited about all we will study!

Are you excited?


  1. FYI
    I wanted to let you know that in my next post July 30,2010 I am mentioning your blog! I have added you to my "links" list.

  2. I love your kids' artwork! You must be an amazing teacher to get these kinds of results! Wow! Do you do a step by step for every project? That's how I do it, and it achieves the best results so far as I can tell.

    I'd love it if you would show some of your project demos!